New guitars a’building in my shop for 2020

2020 batch
2020 batch of six new builds available for pre-order

I’m happy to say that I’m moving forward again with the hand crafting of my next guitars. Earlier today I was adding binding to the Macassar ebony fretboards and very much look forward to getting the necks on. Somewhat akin to boatbuilding, when you get the last plank on, and realize that now it will float! But crafting guitars involves many steps, perhaps thousands, and many hours of sanding. To paraphrase a line from the beautiful movie Like Water for Chocolate- I make my guitars with “much love.” I’ll be bringing them to the Northeast Guitar Expo in May, upcoming at a new location, (more on that later…) and although they won’t yet be complete, they’ll still turn some heads!

The top row two on either side feature tops from the same flitch of vintage and rare East Indian Rosewood. These two will be sisters- one with grain concave, and one with grain convex, both filled with mood and mystery. The top center has a highly figured and bookmatched top of Japanese Tamo wood and goes positively golden when I’ve doused it with Naptha to approximate the look of the wood with a finish.

I’m going to save the full description of the bottom three for another post, but will say that they are of a series looking at counterculture literature from back in the day!

2019- A great year!

The last week of December is a fine time to look forward to a new year, but this quiet morning, coffee nearby, I choose to look back. 2019 will go down as a landmark year in my life with the big headline- Jim and Dorothy marry!

We had an outdoor ceremony here at our home along the shore of Unity Pond. Friends and family came from all over to help us celebrate Maine-style with a huge potluck offering, free-flowing drink, and lots of live music created by some very talented people who ranged from jamming buddies to former bandmates, to new brothers-in-law.

We were wed on the balmy evening of this Fall’s full Harvest Moon and I truly couldn’t have had a better time nor a more beautiful bride.

September 14th, 2019 Harvest Moon wedding

Learn a new skill!

I’m happy to have been invited to teach at these well respected craft centers this year after teaching a week-long marquetry course at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in 2018.